Everybody’s favorite sweetheart has just done a shoot with Zishy and we have a few of the beautifully shot pics for you to take a look at. The sweetheart I’m talking about is Lydia Graniva – a natural, everyday girl with mouse blonde hair, striking blue eyes and a body that most women would kill for. You can see from the first image of Lydia wearing a black and pink bra just how fine her body is, how silky soft her skin is and the energy coming off her.

She’s just been to the Mall and bought some new underwear. Cute pink panties – cotton with a frilly edge – and she can’t wait to try them on. If you like strong Ukrainian women who don’t take no shit but are still beautiful and sexy then you’ll love Lydia Graniva. If you’re not convinced just look at the photo taken from behind, she’s wearing high heels which shows off her sexy calves, a thong which accentuates her strong ass and thighs. Also, take a good look at the last pic where she’s in her favorite sex position – doggy style – and notice the thickness of her thighs, the arch in her back which opens herself up inviting you to fuck her from the back. I love the way she’s looking in to the camera too, as if to say “does this makeĀ  you hard”? There’s also a bonus video but of course to watch such perfection you have to pay and join Zishy but it’s worth every penny.

“She’s such a natural beauty! Nice job. The playing around in #’s 32-34: awesome. I also liked the natural look of #27. Very tastefully done. Hopefully you’ll work with her again in the near future.”

“Poor girl. Has gotten sucked into the Zishy trap and doesn’t even know it, yet. First set, thinks she’s in control and shows very little skin; “her boyfriend would be pissed if he only knew.” Second set, see thru tops and bottoms with a possible nipple slip. Third set, completely topless with possible bottomless teasing. Fourth set, she’s done for. Completely nekkid not knowing how the hell she ended up here. Forgets she ever had a boyfriend. She belongs to Zishy now. “