Gallery from: Zishy

Take a trip to the beach and join Lauma and Oxana as they go for a swim. The two slim hotties have killer bodies and they love nothing more than swimming and chilling together on the beach. The Latvian beauties both know how to strike a pose and have a good time in front of the camera. Lauma was wearing a red bikini while Oxana forgot hers so she stepped into the water in panties and a shirt which she borrowed from her girlfriend. Then they went for a swim and had some fun in the shallow water looking like true vixens. After playing around the two lovely babes went out and helped each other dry out. Watching them sunbathe on the sand, naked, and holding hands together could make any man get a week-long erection. They are so beautiful and sexy together that it makes you want to lose your mind while checking this gallery out. You’ll enjoy their perfect bodies, tan lines, and their tits which are just to die for. The beautiful girls won’t leave you stranded on the beach, but they’ll leave you with a rock hard boner.

“Back to my wacky adventures in Latvia. If you will recall, one girl had to jet, so I was left on the beach with this duo. Lauma, the blonde, was the only one who had packed a proper bikini. She lent Oxana her white top, who had decided panties would fair just fine in the water. I felt really bad and didn’t want to make anyone self-conscious, so I eventually asked them both to remove everything. I’m firm, but I’m fair. This was a great day with a great team. Adios, Summer. “