Galyusha Dubenenko or Galina Dubenenko is sexy erotic babe and fitness model from Russia, Saint Petersburg. She was born in 1995 and she is recognized by her curvy body.

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Galina Dubenenko is one of the most beautiful young russian models. Current trend of fitness girls opened world to all those gorgeous ladies who not only look good, but also train hard. Galyusha has brown hair and stunning chocolate brown eyes. Her height is 5’7 (165 cm). I love these erotic babes because their bodies show the true meant women appearance. Galina has perfect proportion for being fitness model. You can make a lot in the gym, but genes are genes and those cannot be changed in natural way. Although still very young, she did a lot of work and she is widely recognized across the globe. She works for MAVRIN models management. They acquire only the best erotic babes and models.

Girls who want to work as erotic model must have the outstanding beauty and perfect body curves. It all passes when we speak about Galina Dubenenko and her nude pics. I think it won’t last long and we will be able to find her on porn sites like BabeDrop in glamour models category. She is only 20 years old, so we (adult industry) have a lot of time to convince her to work here. If you read some of my previous posts about current pornstars, you can notice that mostly all of them begun as a photo model. Since I don’t think that Galyusha will do hardcore porn, I believe that she can be willing to try softcore shooting or glamour. When she started with modelling she moved to Moscow. It’s also much nearer to middle Europe so she has much more possibilities. I believe you like this erotic babe a lot so try to google her sexy pictures. There’s plenty of them all over the net.

Galyusha Dubenenko fitness model
These curves are just outstanding. Her ass is perfectly shaped that I just can’t say that it could be better. Maybe a little big bigger, but she is a fitness model, not pornstar.

eiffel tower bended girl ass
I put this pic here on purpose. I admit that I am from adult industry and I am just used to positions like this. I bet that Galyusha knows whats going on in man’s mind when he has such stunning view.

I bet that you just want to see more of her. Well, you are not alone. As I write this post I think I will add some extra pics because damn, she is fucking hot! Don’t forget to check for her gallery.

Galyusha Dubenenko cleavage
Don’t forget to check the gallery. I think that after this you won’t. She is just angelic. Such beauty.

You can check Galina’s Twitter account here. She has way more photos there. For more erotic babes you can try to check related posts below.