Modeling and fitness rising star Courtney Tailor will show you true woman beauty. Her curves took over the Instagram and her following counts almost into million. Check her most nude pics we could find!

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Courtney Tailor Bio

Courtney Tailor (full name Courtney Taylor Clenney) is an American glamour model, fitness trainer, actress and social media star. She was born on April 21, 1996 (age 20) in Midland, Texas. She lived in Austin, Texas for a while as well. Now she lives in Los Angeles, California, United States. She was into acting from her early life. Courtney took many courses from acting to voice practicing. Her favorite activity during her childhood was sport. This combination made her very perspective. She is mainly adored because of her perfect body (measurements 34D-25-35). You can know her from commercials and movies, but her true power lies within her beauty. Her Instagram account gets bigger everyday. Now counting almost 1 million followers. She is not followed only by pervs from adult industry, but also normal people from mainstream. Even these guys talks about her perfect figure in yoga pants.

You can wonder how was she able to achieve such sexy body. It’s all genes, but also her regular workouts and tits implants. Yes, her boobs are fake. You can see how big and full is her cleavage. I bet that this was one of the reason why you look for her naked photos. Courtney Tailor does modeling, but only glamour. She never undress before camera. She did some shoots for Playboy. She has perfect stats with her height 5’8 (173 cm) and weight 115 lbs (52 kg). Tall, slim and curved. That’s reason why she will break the world. Despite the fact with Playboy she is mostly recognized by fitness people. She does online couching and workout almost every day. Well, you have to if you want to maintain sexy body like this.

As always I have to say that Courtney doesn’t have full nude pictures. She makes many almost naked pics, but it’s just to bait more and more followers and attention. She is very young so her future looks bright. I always just hope that girls like Courtney will decide for erotic acts. Check some of the best images I picked from the gallery.

Courtney showing her big round ass
Here you can see why all the sensation. Her nude round ass is just perfect.

Courtney showing her tits in black top
This picture shows her tits. You can see how firm they are.

laying on the bed in black lingerie
All I can say is that I hope she will move to erotica one day. Courtney would be amazing girl for it.