Sexy blonde model Emily Sears and her enhanced fake tits are dream of many men. If you look for Emily’s nude photos you should check this article. Even though there are no naked pics of Emily, you can find many of those that look like she wears almost nothing. Check gallery below!

Emily Sears Picture Gallery

Emily Sears Bio

Emily Sears is an Australian glamour and fashion model mostly featured on magazine covers and tv commercials in United States. She is also American Social Media Personality. Her Instagram account has more than 3 million followers. You could notice that I write about these women influencers a lot in past weeks. It’s kind of an untouched area I wish to cover. These girls post their pics online, but you can’t find them nude. The only thing you can see is barely naked girl wearing swimsuits or lingerie. Emily and other girls alike love to show their curvy body in sexy lingerie.

Emily currently lives in in Los Angeles, California, United States, but originally she is from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She was born November 10, 1985. She is blonde by nature. You could see her in numerous music videos as well including songs by Wiz Khalifa or G-Eazy. You wouldn’t probably say so, but she’s a bit naughty and likes using whips, leather boots and lacy lingerie. You wouldn’t also say that she is single. Yes, I was also surprised. Emily Sears has education in aesthetics and beauty. Her height is 5’8 (172 cm) and weight 120 lbs (54 kg). Her measurements are 32D-24-35, so she has pretty big tits. Some pics in the gallery above are with pre-surgery boobs, some are after her boobs enhancing. You can notice that current tits are pretty big. Emily’s hobbies are hiking and drinking coffee. It’s also pretty interesting that Emily wanted to be model because of her aunt who did this job in ’60. Her relative literally helped her for her dream and she went for it.

When looking at Emily Sears’ body you can notice some common sights of any sexbomb that attracts many men on the Internet. Her hips are perfectly rounded including her pretty nice ass. She doesn’t have some big booty, but she posses sexy ass. She is aware of it which was also the reason why she has tattoo on her butt. You can see naked Emily Sears ass on most of her photos. She also tries to shoot pics where she wears no bra and just hold her tits without any clothes. These ladies try to be as much naked as possible on Instagram. They have a reason. The more nude you show yourself, the more followers you gain and have more influence. Demi Rose does similar thing. As usual I have picked my most favorite images and show them to you.

Emily Sears with flowers in front of her pussyYou probably can’t find better photo than this one. Emily wears no clother or lingerie.

Emily Sears holds her boobThis picture shows her enhanced big tits.

naked Emily Sears during photoshootThis is another great Emily’s photo where she wears only panties.

sexiest photo of Emily SearsI wouldn’t be surprised if you would just fap to this one. She posses really sexy body with awesome curves.

Emily Sears big round full titsAnother great and popular Emily’s pic. You can see her beautiful enhanced boobs.

I hope you liked this model. I’ll continue with these types of articles since it’s really interesting to discover these Instagram beauties. Most pornstars are usually known and I can’t bring you much new information, but this is different. These girls don’t work in adult industry, but their sexy curves and nude pics are just awesome. Let me know in comments if you discover some new information about Emily or any other girl.