I continue to post the most sexiest girls from the Instagram. Today I want to talk about Dolly Castro. Hot latin MILF living in the United States. In most cases are her photos taken by the beach in swimsuits or at home in lingerie.

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Dolly Castro Bio

You may know Dolly under many professions. If you are not based in United States, you would probably meet her while browsing social network like Instagram. She has big following base there. Her other professions are actress, designer and fitness model. You probably see why. She’s among modern women who can stun audience with their big booties. Dolly Castro has very sexy ass. You can see her almost nude, but always she wear at least swimsuit or lingerie. Naked fitness models are very rare. Most of the time you can find only similar pics as we have here with Dolly.

She was born in 1984 (currently 33 years old, 2016), Managua, Nicaragua (Central America). She studied law college and then moved to Miami, Florida. Her current career is fitness and modeling profession. Dolly also has own clothing line. She is 5’7 with 58 kg. Everybody recognized her strong feminine curves and she became famous for it. Castro was raised in religious family and her father forbid her dream to be a chef. Law was meant to be her future, but Dolly gave birth to her beautiful daughter Karen. Yes, she is a mother. With such curves! You can say that she’s a MILF. We all love them! Nude MILFs in such shape are always very welcome. Dolly isn’t only beautiful, she loves to inspire people.

Some info about her person differ from site to site a bit. Especially birth date. But I think that its not that important. The only thing we want to see is some nudity. I know that you are looking for completely nude Dolly Castro. These pics are just not officially available as with other hot fitness girls. These models usually shoot only fashion photos, not erotic acts. Let’s have a look at some pictures where Dolly wears barely some clothes.

Dolly Castro booty
If you are here to see Dolly Castro’s booty, then this is one of the best images. Her round and naked big ass is really something to dream about all night long. Look at some pics where she wears jeans. I like how her hips are so wide that she can barely fit in. It looks incredibly sexy!

Dolly Castro nice tits
Here you can see Castro’s boobs. Her tits are pretty big and full. I bet you would lick such nipples like forever. These curves just awake new life in men. Exotic beauties are always somehow more sexy than regular girls. There is pretty big gallery above so you can find all pics here.