Being a webcam model may sounds like an easy job how to make money, but reality isn’t as sweet as you think. Many beautiful girls try to become cam models and fail. Reason isn’t in their appearance or behavior, but in lack of work and patience. This guide is gathered from all possible tips you can find on the Internet to offer you as much info as possible so your way as cam model will lead to better tomorrows. If you don’t like Chaturbate anymore you can try other sex cam sites like Let’s have a look at some serious issues you can face as live chat model.

How to get more views?

When you start your show as new chaturbator, you will be featured among other models so people will actually see you in the list as you see on Chaturbate’s homepage. Everybody will get some viewers. The only difference is between those who are able to retain them and make them come back. Sad truth is that not everybody can make money on cam. People are picky who they want to watch. Just imagine yourself as the viewer and ask yourself a question what would you like to see. Some may get small following, other much bigger. But the only thing that matters is how much they spend. Best way of keeping viewers in your channel is communication. It’s the same as relationship. Guys on other side want company and you have to offer it. Girls who just sit in front of their computer and just wait till someone pay for private show will always remain somewhere between bottom and average (if they aren’t super cute). Tease your viewers, communicate with them. Make them feel you know them.

Of course you can use your own Twitter account and Instagram to propagate yourself. Especially Instagram is ruled by girls with big ass or big tits. Facebook doesn’t allow adult content, so I wouldn’t even try it there.

How to make more money?

There is a few things you need to do to be able to make more than you make now. You can actually make a lot at this moment, but what if I tell you that it can be even more? Just look at your competition and learn a thing or two.

Firstly do not undress yourself completely for free. Why would anyone pay you then? Then you should flash from time to time and tease your viewer. Make a conversation in your chat with the most active ones and say thanks to those who tips. More tips equal more money. That’s what we (you) want. Good idea is to publish your “working hours” in your profile and add your time zone so people can see when you are online. You have to stick to these times, because you can loose followers very easily if they will be online and you not. Having good camera and enabled sound is a must. I am always confused when I see model who earns hundred of dollar per day and they use some cheap laptops and cameras. That’s really pure amateurism! Don’t be like that. Be classy, have a style. Be interesting and valuable.

Begging for tips is another way to wrong way of approaching your audience. People who like you will give you tips. You can be sure about it. But how to do it? Make your show longer than 1 hour. If you are serious about chaturbating, you really need to have working hours and do it as a job. When people get used to it they will save up money every month to see you naked. Also never insult anyone back. Just ban them. Also keep in mind that Couples are the most favorite broadcasters, so if you have a boyfriend or husband, try to convince him into chaturbating as well. You can wear masks so no one will recognize you.

I’d also recommend to not only talk, but also answer questions. Not many girls do that and ignorance of your audience won’t earn you any tokens. You can also tell them to follow your channel or buy your pics and vids. And of course you should promote your private shows. People also love costumes and uniforms, so you can distinguish yourself from other by wearing some nice dress. All these hints are enough to quit your job and earn a living on cam sites. There isn’t only Chaturbate. Keep that in mind. You can also try other cam sites and you can find one that suits you best. Don’t forget to check Private Live Shows at which will give you strong insight into being a good cam model. Learning your competitors techniques can make you even better and make a ton of money!