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I bring you hot russian girls today. This is the day when I present you an interesting topic. I bet that you have probably noticed that girls from Russia are somehow more beautiful than those from other countries. Now you silently agree with me. I can feel it. I met several hot russian girls and also few sexy ukrainian girls. Many people say that the most hottest girls are from Czech Republic, but I don’t think so. I would say that the most beautiful women are from Russia. Anyway this article is not about geography. We are here to rate some sexy curves. Some of these girls shoot porn, some only make photos. So let’s get started!

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I bet you would marry both of these chicks. But that’s not possible – you have to choose. Which one?

fit russian naked girl picCan you imagine better body? She’s damn fit!

busty russian blonde picAnd can you imagine better tits? Holy fuck!

naked helga lovekaty tits picHer name is Helga Lovekaty and she’s damn sexy!

russian teen mandy fucked picAmanda from Teen Mega World gets fucked on daily basis.

olga kobzar big tits pic
Russian guys will probably know her. She’s Olga Kobzar. Just look at her sexy big tits on this picture.

perfectly shaped russian womanJust beautifully shaped russian woman.

beautiful russian teen girlThis teen is more sexy than I can even imagine.

hot russian girl yulia huge tits picAnother known girl Yulia. She is famous thanks to her big tits.

olga kobzar all naked picOlga Kobzar for the second time. When you look at her nude body on this photo you can just realize in a second why she’s a nude model.

Why would you choose some of such hot russian girls?

Russians are very skilled in English! At least those who live or lived in Western Europe for a while. People in Moscow know mostly only russian language. Girls there are slim and have long hair and legs. You just can’t go wrong with such gorgeous bride.

You can tell me in comments which country should I cover next! Maybe I can do yours! As usual I have to remind you to not forget to follow our Twitter account which is regularly updates so you won’t miss any hot pics!