It’s no secret that porn in general is being overlooked by something more – exciting. It just might be a mid-step to virtual reality, but this so-called porn “bubble” is actually making a lot of money wordlwide. You probably realised by now that I talk about webcam industry. Many people who use such sites are from Great Britain. You can see a lot of female performers at Adult chat and sex cams. There is many unusual categories like matures, couples, lesbians, threesome, foursome or transexuals.

Most exciting category is couples. I read a blog about Chaturbate users and their owner noted that couples category is about 50% more popular and profitable than other categories. People tend to watch sex, not single ladies just playing with pussy. Site mentioned above has this category as well and I strongly recommend to give it a visit. You can watch many couples for free and pay for private sex show. They will do whatever you want to see. It’s not passive entertainmend like watching porn videos. You can literally tell them what to do – word by word, order by order. They will fullfil your sexual needs without hesitation. The only disadvantage is that you have to pay for private shows. It’s not for free. People on cams do it for money. Some may do it for fun, but at the end of the day the only thing they want to see is positive balance on their account.

Another good thing about adult chat is that your identity is completely hidden all the time. You see the performers, but they don’t see you. I think that it’s possible to be visible on some sites (like Chaturbate), but in most cases they will communicate with you through chat. Sex cams become more and more popular and they tend to attract long term customers who stopped paying for porn because they can pay a little bit more to get life porn. I can second this idea because it’s really awesome to tell them what to do since everybody is sexually triggered by something else. I like petite girls with round ass and I can find such couple from time to time. You might need to subscribe to their channel to receive alerts when they are online. It’s awesome to be able to pick only those people you want to watch and pay only for practices you want to see.