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Let’s write some poem about women. Many are still trying to figure out what is the reason of living. I think that the most big and noble questions have simple answer, because there is a power in simplicity. It’s only all about living your life. How can you do that? Find yourself a hobby that will fill your heart with joy, contribute to community and enjoy sex. Women should be huge part of our lives and we should take care about them. It’s always well spent time with a woman. Even though you haven’t get laid. It’s not only about sex, it’s also about conquer.

Women love to be conquered. They don’t like to be easy prey and we don’t like that either. What men really value in before they get used to their new woman is how sexy women are. We all are stimulated by their sexy curves. Every men loves different shapes. I’d like to show you some great pics and you can post a comment what photo do you like the most.

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I guess you will agree with me that these girls are crazy sexy. I love when their ass is absolutely round and when they have big, but firm tits. Last picture gave me an idea what could I do with my girl. Use oil on her small bubble ass. Yeah, that will look damn good! Enhance sexual experience with your partner as well! Today!