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I was thinking what we miss on this blog. I know that you like big tits and indian girls, but what about cosplay costumes? I mean, what about hot girls that wear them? That’s different story, right? I have picked few of them that I find extremely hot. Cosplay becomes very popular among young people all around the world. Most likely in Japan and Uniten States. But I think you will recognize some of them because these characters are commonly known. Anyway I wanted to share some hot chicks, that was the initial idea.

sexy brunette with big tits cosplayI don’t know what costume is this, but I really like her nice big boobs.

liz-katz-princess-peach-cosplayThis is Liz Katz as Princess Peach.

Popstar Arhi (Tasha Cosplay) and Generation Ahri (Doremi Cosplay) from League of LegendsPopstar Arhi (Tasha Cosplay) and Generation Ahri (Doremi Cosplay) from League of Legends.

she-hulk-cosplayDo you recognize her? Yes, this is She Hulk. Female version of Marvel’s Hulk. That green angry muscle beast. I’d like to fuck these legs, ohh!

she-mario-cosplayI call her She Mario. Again – nice boobs.

Yaya Han as Jessica RabbitWho would resist this sexy Yaya Han as Jessica Rabbit? Damn hot!

I don’t know how about you, but I find these chicks extremely hot. You can notice that most of them have nice big tits. That’s probably the most important thing if you want to be noticed by any guy. Well I hope you like these pictures!