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You have probably noticed earlier that I haven’t wrote any post about teen anal sex before. Even though that this topic is fairly popular. Generally speaking we can say that teen anal is more popular than we all think. You would say that people won’t practice such thing, but you would be wrong. I read one old research which said that anal sex is common among 10% of heterosexual couples. That’s pretty nice. Let’s say that every second girl is taken, so it means that every 20th girl gets her butt fucked regularly. Who would guess it, right?

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You need to discuss this practice with your girls, before trying it in bed. Not only it’s more risky because of infections, but also it’s not that safe as fucking her in pussy.

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You need to take in mind that anal hole isn’t supposed to substitute pussy. Try to order some lube and use it before trying it for the first time. You should use it every time in my opinion.

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Massage her ass with your fingers. When she gets used to it, you can use the lube and after a while you can start to put just an inch of your dick in her ass.

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Watch carefully for her reaction. If she seems okay, you can take it out and put it in again and repeat. If she’s in pain, you need to stop immediately and ask her what’s the problem.

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You can repeat the process next night and you will see whether there’s some improvement. Just don’t do it against her will. You can hurt her. Teen anal sex is beautiful if you find some girlfriend who is willing to do it, but you just needs to take care about your girl.

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Also make sure that both of you are care more about hygiene. Anal contains various bacterias which can be dangerous to your health. Don’t also put your cock right from her anus to her pussy. You can infect her this way.

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Even though it’s dangerous, many people do anal sex all over the world. It’s something you should try, but educate yourself before doing so.

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When you should try anal sex? For example when you two haven’t tried anything new in bed for a while. You need to keep fresch breeze in bedroom. Never let it be a routine. It will make your girl sad and you will start saying that she don’t want sex because of migraine. We all heard that before.

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I think I wrote enough for you to start with anal sex. First of all make it pleasuring for her – not only for yourself. Then it will be something beautiful and worth your time.

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You can check teen pics I chose and inspire yourself.

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I hope that I educate you a bit after this article. I think I will write some articles like this more often. It’s not some complete guide to anal sex, but I think that important things were said and now you shouldn’t do any mistake. Share if you like and follow us on Twitter.