This post covers very interesting Nepali girl named Bindu Pariyar. You can find here her bio and pictures with very sexy pictures I found for you.

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Bindu Pariyar (also known as Mallika, Bindy, Sonali or HottyBindy). She is originally from Kaski district, Hemja village in Nepal. Her profession is stripper, dancer and adult performer. There are porn videos with her online so you can try to look for them at nepali puti or similar sites. You can notice in gallery that she shoot photos by Corvette. Most of her work was done in America. Her story is sad, but we can’t change the past. She was trafficked by her aunt’s husband to America and she had to work in nighclubs. This guy not only married her aunt and then Bindu’s cousin sister Sita. After a while he started to chase Bindu. She resisted few attempts, but then she agreed and they moved to US. Bindu had to marry him so she could stay in US as a citizen. She had to work 7 days a week and give money to this guy she married. She had no documents and he threatened her with beating.

In 2015 Bindu said that she was able to not only escape, but also she was able to start new life, attend college and she met new guy. So there is a happy end at least. You can see that she is very gorgeous. Perfect boobs, long hair and cute face. I bet that many of us would marry her fast and do everything to make her happy.

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We can still see her beautiful photos and sex videos online. Since she is known because she was covered in media last year I though that’s good idea to let you know this story in case you missed it. Even things like this happen and we should take into account that not all girls do porn because they want it. I wish Bindu Pariyar good life. At least we have some sexy pictures.