Today we will have a look at pretty sexy brunette named Kirsten Price. She shot this scene alone just playing with her own gorgeous body. I found it very refreshing to see simple solo girl undressing herself and fucking her pussy with dildo. Kirsten is pretty good in this so you can’t be surprised that I picked her for todays picture gallery. Enough talk, let’s get straight to it.

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Kirsten Price in pink lingerie
I guess that you have just recognized why do I like this girl. Kirsten has very flexible and firm body. She was born in 1981 so she is very, very good shape. I totally love her thighs.

Kirsten Price sexy pornstar
You can say that she doesn’t have that sexy hips, but it’s just a matter of opinions. Kirsten’s huge advantage is her beautiful face. She really looks hot. These lacy pink lingerie highlights her sexy curves.

Kirsten Price doggy position
This is my favorite sex position. When your girl bend before you and have that trust in you that she can let you into her body from behind. Kirsten Price’s pussy is pretty big, so you can really see what she got on this porn picture. She also has a tattoo on her left leg.

Kirsten Price from behind
This photo only shows Kirsten from distance. You can also notice that you can see how big are actually girl’s tits. It’s not that good visible from front, but this reveals her two jewels from unusual side which shows us everything.

Kirsten Price sexy body
Personally the only few pics I like on solo acts are these ones. You can barely see her body, but these images are somehow very erotic to me. Kirsten Price in not naked yet, but shapes of her most iconic parts look very hot. You can turn on your imagination to see it too.

Kirsten Price naked tits
This is the first nude picture of her. Look at the firmness of her boobs. I bet she doesn’t have children. Her nipples are still strong and hard. I think that this size is almost perfect. It’s firm with nice shape and it will bounce when you fuck her. That’s very important for me. I don’t like small tits.

Kirsten Price boobs
I think that this photo will tell you her secret. Kirsten Price has fake boobs. Her tits were enhanced, but thanks to it they look full. It’s always good to have pair of full tits to squeeze.

Kirsten Price ass
Kirsten has classic ass. No booty or huge butt, but fit bum that you can plunder whole day and she will still have a lot of energy for another turn.

Kirsten Price nude
Just look at it. Even her skin is so fucking sexy. You could lick her anywhere on her body! Kirsten is really hot pornstar.

Kirsten Price pussy
What I really value on her is that she has sexy belly. No fat. In her age it’s pretty damn nice miracle.

It wouldn’t be porn without sticking anything into her vagina. Kirsten fucks herself with blue dildo.

On this picture you can see her pussy from close. She has her pussy shaved only in some parts, so remaining hairs look like a square.