I’ve just found my dream girl, my soul mate, she’s curvy with dark hair and dark brown eyes and her name is Monica Horne. I’ve always preferred natural and curvy women to that of skinny women with fake tits. Monica Horne is one of the most natural girls you could come across. She’s got huge breasts and a curvaceous ass as you can see from the picture of her bending over wearing black leggings. This girl doesn’t need makeup, jewellery, fake tits or a pout trout – she’s 100% perfect the way she is.

In these excellent photos from Zishy she’s just strolling around the Arizona State University and having fun. Lifting her top t flash her giant boobs or pulling her leggings and panties down to show her beautiful ass. What is it with girls and libraries? Do libraries turn girls on or what? Because I see so many girls being naughty in libraries that I might actually take up reading and join one!

Photos from: Zishy