Alternative babe Kelly Lamprin is a rare beauty that is now covered in ink. I say that because last time I saw a gallery with Kelly Lamprin was a few years ago and her skin wasn’t altered in anyway, just soft lush skin. I have to say that I prefer her without the tattoos but I can say that for most women. I’m not sure what it is with the modern age that girls feel they need to cover themselves in “art”. But, even though he has plenty of ink she’s still beautiful and here are 8 pics from Zishy that prove it. If you like girls with ink then she should be right up your ally.

All the photos were taken in Texas and as you can see Kelly Lamprin is wearing a black dress with black boots and black thong. We get some nice up-skirt shots at her pussy peaking from behind her underwear and a few risky ass flashing photos taken outside the City hall. I’ve included a couple of photos at the bottom of Kelly Lamprin before the ink. Please comment below and let me know if what you prefer – with or without the ink?

There are 59 insanely superb photos of Kelly Lamprin inĀ  this set but if you want them all I’m afraid you’ll have to join Zishy but true me, you get your monies worth!

Here is Kelly Lamprin naked before her ink work

Photos from: Zishy