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There is thousands of good photographers worldwide and many of them take softcore picture of sexy girls. I would like to present you some of my most favourite pictures by Brandon Witzel, Los Angeles based artist.

shy girl and her boobThis young model shows all the beauty of any girl. It’s important to show the only minimum of her body to wake up your imagination.

wild girl and her nippleThis photo shows a little bit more than the previous one. Nipples are mostly considered as something “for adults” only. Even though its the very first thing we put in mouth.

naked girlI found women hips as one of the most sexy things they have. I know that many of you focus on boobs and ass, but this part is also magical.

girl in stripped swimsuitAn extremely good photo. Stripped swimsuit and her sexy look with nice hair. Who would resist, guys?

completely naked girlLast picture is all about women body and its perfection. Just look at her belly, isn’t it amazing?